Recently I showed my portfolio to an experienced Creative Director. We laughed and joked…we clicked right away. As he started scrolling through my work, a serious look crossed his face and he asked, “Was this shot by you?”

It’s a funny question for a photographer but it’s something I hear a lot.

The reason is because I’m a bit of a slapstick and somewhat-brash Irishman with mutton chop sideburns. I love sci-fi movies, fast cars, good tequila and bad jokes.

But my photographs are the complete opposite.

They’re gorgeous, emotion-filled moments with soft, authentic mood. The word ‘beautiful’ is something people often say when describing my pictures.

When you work with me, you are getting an experienced professional who is not only a master at lighting, but who can also manage location or studio settings, a large team, real people as talent, unexpected weather and pretty much anything else that might crop up along the way. I make sure there’s good food and great music at my shoots. We keep everyone’s energy and spirits flying high.

But behind my light-hearted façade is a deliberate mind and detailed eye that’s obsessed with creating idealized scenes and capturing them in a natural, authentic way.

Why do these aspirational images come from a brash guy like me? I have no idea! I just know that I absolutely love taking pictures. Especially those that show life as it is – only better.

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