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Portraits of Creatives for Industry West

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When agency Fahlgren Mortine was searching for the right photographer for their Florida-based client Industry West, they needed someone who could shoot real people as well as still life shots of the company’s industrial-designed furniture. They also needed someone who was comfortable with a production schedule that included a lot of locations and travel. We were delighted to oblige them! The job consisted of four days of shooting in New York City and from there to Jacksonville, Florida to round out the remainder of the project.

We strove to capture energetic, natural and emotive portraits of creative individuals who were using Industry West products in their professional endeavors. From interior designers to fine artists to restaurateurs, we were chuffed to photograph these professionals in environments that related to their work. We also had the opportunity to direct video interviews for this project, talking with our subjects on their creative process and what led them to choose Industry West.

When we were photographing artist Jenna Snyder-Philips in Brooklyn we had to contend with a dull rainy day. Thanks to our lighting kit, we were able to transform the scene into a bright sunny day! Schlepping our gear from location to location in New York City was a bit of work, but we’re not complaining… The fun of meeting so many wonderful creative people made it all worthwhile.

These images and the video will be used for marketing, starting with an eye catching direct mail piece that showcases Industry West furniture in real life environments. When it comes to furnishing modern creativity, no one keeps the world as colorful as Industry West.















About Colin McGuire You know that friend who always has a camera in his hand and can’t stop taking pictures? Well, that’s me! For myself I really enjoy shooting street portraits and streetscapes. And for my clients I just love creating beautiful, captivating moments, full of authentic mood and emotion. I’m based in the Midwest but I shoot all over the US and world. I’m comfortable with productions of all sizes from available-light environmental portraits to full on largescale lifestyle shoots. When I’m not taking pictures I love racing fast cars, listening to loud music, watching sci-fi movies and making bad jokes. But usually I’m taking pictures. Ready for a photo adventure? Let’s chat! (614) 975-0025.

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