Sofa Stories

Sofa Stories

If people gave out awards for their furniture, the sofa would have to be the Most Valuable Player! It’s the place we gather together, snuggle with loved ones or sometimes just collapse and bingewatch Netflix.

For this project, our furniture retail client wanted us to showcase the essential role sofas play in daily routines, capturing moments in people’s lives based around their couches. That involved reviewing client storyboards and then casting to find appropriate talent to match a human personality and situation to each sofa design.

Part of our challenge on this shoot was that we had only one day to get it all done, which involved producing 10 final images. It required a lot of organization and also having two sets running side by side, so while we were shooting one shot the next talent and set was being prepped. It was a fast-paced day, but in the end we got everything done on time, within budget and we had a whole lot of fun in the process! We kept the energy of the shoot high and you can see that reflected in the genuine, relaxed expressions of the models in the photos. Also, it was super-helpful that we had an amazing art director to work with on this project.

  We never realized how much fun it could be to try to bring sofas to life! The whole thing was a blast and a great project, start-to-finish.



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