My Irish Summer

My Irish Summer

For me, returning home to Ireland each summer is like pressing a re-set button. Even though low clouds float through the sky almost constantly and often bring ‘scattered showers’ (a frequently used term in Irish weather forecasting!), I find that being there is somehow therapeutic. Sunshine is received by all as a welcome gift because it is an infrequent visitor. Maybe it is because of that that the spirit of the Irish is so positive and genuine.

The waters of the Atlantic are usually brisk, even in warm weather. But that doesn’t stop the (brave!) locals from immersing themselves daily with great joy and vigor. The terrain of Ireland offers a mix of graphic boulders, craggy cliffs and lush green vegetation. No matter where you look, there’s usually a natural and wild place to rest your eye.

Enhancing the landscape is of course, the Irish people. Whether they’re tending to their fields or enjoying a ‘pint’ of beer or a day at the fair, the Irish bring a sense of purpose and ease to all they do. People gave great importance to relaxation and recreation, and honestly they are the better for it. The tendency is to work so you can do whatever it is that makes your life enjoyable, versus your job becoming your life!

It’s important to have a special place that brings you back to your true values and re-grounds you. Ireland is that place for me.

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