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Amsterdam at Night

Despite its reputation for legalized marijuana and prostitution, Amsterdam was recently named the fifth safest city in the world by the Safe Cities Index. The vital function of trade throughout the city’s history has led to a multi-cultural population who have generally valued trade above religion or ideology, making it a particularly tolerant and laid-back

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When in Spain

Spanish culture is so robust, so alluring and so hard to forget. While on assignment in Granada in Andalucia, we used our down time to capture remarkable architecture, beautiful faces and many of the unique details that make the region so special. And don’t worry about that safe stealer… She’s just a cutup at heart!

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The quiet Irish Atlantic

My summer trips back home to Ireland are always refreshing. There is a certain re-grounding that happens to me while I’m there. It rejuvenates my creative spirit and just makes me feel more human and real again. On this trip, Ireland’s coastal scenery grasped my attention as it seemed to shift away from its usual

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The Day at the Races

For thousands of Irish people, a day at the Galway Races is the highlight of the Summer. It is a social and festive occasion and for many has also been turned into an opportunity to festoon oneself in one’s finest attire! There is a stark contrast between the colorful fashion embraced by many of the

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SpEX in the CITY!

No, not SEX -‘spex’ as in spectacles! A series of personal images I shot while in NYC for a few days for client meetings. -Enjoy!~ Please be patient while images load… There are a lot of them in this post (but it’s worth the wait – promise!)

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A day in the life of Atlanta

It’s always nice when our schedule allows a little time for exploration as we travel the world for shoots. Atlanta, GA agency Corporate Reports brought us into town for a location lifestyle shoot recently. The shoot went off without a hitch (the clients were ecstatic!) and we even managed to squeeze in an extra day

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Cruising Venice Beach

We were in LA for some agency meetings recently. The last meeting of the day happened to be in Venice Beach, so we hung out after to soak up the sun, the surf and the bohemian culture. A great place for some personal work/street shooting. -This what I call a good day at the office..! Click the

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ATL + Architecture

Here is some some personal work captured while we were on location in Atlanta for a lifestyle shoot. Inspired by the city architecture… Click the image to view gallery as slideshow in full screen (works best on laptop/desktop) or scroll down below to see the photos  

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A Visit to GAP House

As a photographer I never stop looking for interesting subject matter. Recently on a trip home to Ireland, I got to visit a very special place called GAP House. It’s the home of the Galway Autism Partnership, which provides services and support to people and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Galway city and

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NYC Street Portraits

I’ve always had a love of street photography since my earliest days of shooting. The world is more interesting and exciting with a camera in hand. It’s exhilarating to approach a total stranger and usually within a minute or two, make a portrait using the world around us as the backdrop. Here are some photos from my downtime

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Exploring North Carolina

While on location in the Raleigh, North Carolina area for a lifestyle project -we got to take a short break from shooting, so of course we went adventuring camera in hand! We came across some great people and beautiful sites on the grounds of Duke University and  in the Chapel Hill area. Here are some

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Singapore – A Modern Marvel

Singapore delights and sparkles, with impressive architecture, world-class dining and a culture that’s unique in all of Asia. We were so lucky to get the chance to experience Singapore while shooting for Abbott Laboratories. Here are some of the wonderful sights we saw while on assignment.   To see more images from this series click

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My Irish Summer

For me, returning home to Ireland each summer is like pressing a re-set button. Even though low clouds float through the sky almost constantly and often bring ‘scattered showers’ (a frequently used term in Irish weather forecasting!), I find that being there is somehow therapeutic. Sunshine is received by all as a welcome gift because

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Galway Races Part 2

When I am traveling and wandering with my camera in hand, I am constantly observing my surroundings. Something I have noticed is a reoccurring theme that I often find myself looking downward. I find it interesting to observe how style and fashion varies from place to place. These are some of the different styles I