Do YOU wear the CROWN?

Do YOU wear the CROWN?

My brain often feels frazzled after my trips to New York. It’s simply because there is so much visual stimulation and information to process; and being the visually-oriented soul that I am -I can’t turn it off, I have to take it all in!

But I’ve found a great way to deal with this… These days when I go to NYC I pick a theme and give most of my attention to that. -Not to say that I don’t shoot other stuff too -I do love street photography after all!

So here’s the results of a couple of days in Chelsea with my lens focused on New Yorkers’ hats and head-wear. I love the how varied the use of headwear is; from simple functionality to keep one warm or cool, religious use, showing ones love of a favorite team to those who wear their headwear as crowns of pride, passion and style.

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