Behind the Scenes with American Signature Furniture

Behind the Scenes with American Signature Furniture

Most people would never guess what goes into creating an image of a simple room of furniture.  The dappled sunlight coming in the window, the angle of the sofa, the way the accessories are positioned just so, as if the homeowners just stepped away for a moment – all of it takes a meticulous eye and a sizable team.

We recently helped showcase American Signature Furniture’s latest collection. It’s a job we love because it allows us to dream up beautiful, natural moments and bring them to life. Besides the all important clients, this shoot required a location scout, photography assistants, production assistants, furniture movers, a producer, set stylists, the photographer, our social media expert and, on this particular shoot, a puppy! It takes a village and an awful lot of props, Windex, paint, lighting equipment and ideas to create a natural-looking set from an empty room.

American Signature Furniture believes that everyone has the right to a well-furnished life. Our goal is to inspire people with believable images that capture the emotions of living well.

And here are some of the results of our hard work…


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