NYC Street Portraits

NYC Street Portraits

I’ve always had a love of street photography since my earliest days of shooting. The world is more interesting and exciting with a camera in hand. It’s exhilarating to approach a total stranger and usually within a minute or two, make a portrait using the world around us as the backdrop. Here are some photos from my downtime during three days of creative meetings in NYC recently.

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colinmcguire_nyc0216_001 colinmcguire_nyc0216_002 colinmcguire_nyc0216_003 colinmcguire_nyc0216_004 colinmcguire_nyc0216_005 colinmcguire_nyc0216_006 colinmcguire_nyc0216_007 colinmcguire_nyc0216_008 colinmcguire_nyc0216_009 colinmcguire_nyc0216_010 colinmcguire_nyc0216_011 colinmcguire_nyc0216_012 colinmcguire_nyc0216_013 colinmcguire_nyc0216_014 colinmcguire_nyc0216_015 colinmcguire_nyc0216_016 colinmcguire_nyc0216_017


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