A Horse of Course

After client MARS Horsecare US, inc. signed-off on Fahlgren’s ‘extraordinary horse’ concept for its BUCKEYE® Nutrition brand of horse feed, Fahlgren Advertising reached out to photographer, Colin McGuire, to turn their concept into a reality.

The BUCKEYE® Nutrition brand horse feed, made by MARS, is made of only the best, certified ingredients. The goal for the ad campaign was to tell the story of the quality within the line of feed formulas. Thus the extraordinary horse concept was born, -this high-grade feed will make your horse a special horse, like a unicorn or Pegasus! The campaign is running nationally in print ads within Equine interest publications.

Several of the images have also been reproduced as huge graphics on MARS’ fleet of distribution trucks. Colin was selected for this campaign because of his natural style an ability to create mood through lighting. It was known that the images would need to be heavily manipulated to achieve the concept, and it was important that the final shots did not end up looking overly stylized. Colin’s previous experience shooting horses and his natural look helped greatly in turning this concept into a successful reality.

While on location in Centerburg, OH, Colin and his crew faced the challenges that nature presented them. Prior to the shoot they had scouted the location with specific shots in mind. The first shot in the campaign was schedules as a daybreak shot, so that he could capture the galloping horse in the beautiful morning light. Of course on the morning of the shoot a bank of light clouds rolled in, but for Colin and his team, nothing was going to stop them from getting the shot. They worked together quickly and under pressure to light the scene artificially so that the horse would appear natural. Their efforts resulted in a beautiful image giving the sense of morning sun majestically highlighting the horse’s healthy white coat.

Although this was the first time for Colin to work with the client, MARS, McGuire and Fahlgren Advertising have worked on various advertising assignments together for more than 10 years. Throughout this time they have developed a well-respected relationship. Offers Associate Creative Director/Designer of Fahlgren

Advertising, Bill Marconi, on Colin’s work, “How can you not like a guy who lays on the ground and allows a horse to run toward him repeatedly until he gets the best possible shot? He wasn’t afraid to put himself out there for great image. Colin McGuire understood our vision and was able to bring this series of images to life in a realistic way. He has a gift for capturing a moment in true lighting and an eye for great composition. He and his crew were a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

You can view behind the scenes images from the shoot here.

To view more work by Colin, please visit www.colinmcguire.com.



About Colin McGuire You know that friend who always has a camera in his hand and can’t stop taking pictures? Well, that’s me! For myself I really enjoy shooting street portraits and streetscapes. And for my clients I just love creating beautiful, captivating moments, full of authentic mood and emotion. I’m based in the Midwest but I shoot all over the US and world. I’m comfortable with productions of all sizes from available-light environmental portraits to full on largescale lifestyle shoots. When I’m not taking pictures I love racing fast cars, listening to loud music, watching sci-fi movies and making bad jokes. But usually I’m taking pictures. Ready for a photo adventure? Let’s chat! (614) 975-0025.

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