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Colin McGuire, known for creating memorable lifestyle port­­raits, as well as fresh environment and product photography, produced engaging images for The Longaberger Company’s 2011 Spring/Summer Wish List Catalog. The catalog features various products by Longaberger, such as baskets, linens, and pottery. Although the photo shoot took place in the fall of 2010, Colin’s creative mind was geared toward capturing spring and summer shots.

Three weeks of long drives, early mornings, and late nights were no match for Colin and his crew. Keeping their energy up was a must while on location in Granville, Ohio. Each person worked hard to maintain positive thinking, while keeping others spirits up. Colin made certain he was thinking deliberately and creatively each time he executed a shot. Even though there was potential to fall behind, he and the crew worked with an efficient and upbeat approach.

Colin and his team faced many challenges during those few weeks. The pre-planned shot lists and final product decisions were subject to change based on how quickly the sample products could be manufactured. This gave the crew chances to be flexible as they improvised with the available product, which was ready to shoot. Set stylists demonstrated their commitment by shopping and preparing every evening for the next day. Colin and his assistants showed their dedication as they worked late at the studio finishing paperwork and backing up files after each long day. Colin and the entire team realized their deadlines, worked together, and accomplished their job quickly and enjoyably.

Art Director, Steve Cork stated, “Colin’s professionalism exceeds expectations. His team is always eager to help make the experience the best it can be. They are always prepared for anything and love to work with challenges. Colin’s ability to capture the essence of our product is the best. He has the ability to convey mood, quality, craftsmanship and textures in one single frame. He constantly exceeds my expectations every time we work together. His vision has helped us to develop a consistent brand to our customers and sales field over the years. Colin’s constant drive to be unique as well as to be consistent is refreshing and makes me look forward to working with him every opportunity I can.”


The following spreads give a glimpse of the payoff:


To view more work by Colin, please visit www.colinmcguire.com.


Colin McGuire, Photographer

Steve Cork, Art Director, The Longaberger Company

Michael Kennedy, Creative Director, The Longaberger Company

Ashok Pahwa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Longaberger Company



About Colin McGuire You know that friend who always has a camera in his hand and can’t stop taking pictures? Well, that’s me! For myself I really enjoy shooting street portraits and streetscapes. And for my clients I just love creating beautiful, captivating moments, full of authentic mood and emotion. I’m based in the Midwest but I shoot all over the US and world. I’m comfortable with productions of all sizes from available-light environmental portraits to full on largescale lifestyle shoots. When I’m not taking pictures I love racing fast cars, listening to loud music, watching sci-fi movies and making bad jokes. But usually I’m taking pictures. Ready for a photo adventure? Let’s chat! (614) 975-0025.

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