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Amsterdam at Night

Despite its reputation for legalized marijuana and prostitution, Amsterdam was recently named the fifth safest city in the world by the Safe Cities Index. The vital function of trade throughout the city’s history has led to a multi-cultural population who have generally valued trade above religion or ideology, making it a particularly tolerant and laid-back

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Street Feet

Sometimes when we’re a new place we like to focus on a single detail. By blocking out all the rest of the sensory stimuli, we can absorb the new information at a more leisurely pace. While on assignment to Amsterdam, we took some moments to stand still, noticing the feet of passers by. These legs

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Exploring Amsterdam

Work brought us to the capital of the Netherlands, and we happily explored the highly visual city during our free time. Familiarity breeds indifference and so one of the awesome things about traveling to somewhere new is seeing everything with fresh eyes. Away from the common day-to-day sights, our senses feel sharper. And armed with camera in hand,