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Singapore – A Modern Marvel

Singapore delights and sparkles, with impressive architecture, world-class dining and a culture that’s unique in all of Asia. We were so lucky to get the chance to experience Singapore while shooting for Abbott Laboratories. Here are some of the wonderful sights we saw while on assignment.   To see more images from this series click

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My Irish Summer

For me, returning home to Ireland each summer is like pressing a re-set button. Even though low clouds float through the sky almost constantly and often bring ‘scattered showers’ (a frequently used term in Irish weather forecasting!), I find that being there is somehow therapeutic. Sunshine is received by all as a welcome gift because

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Galway Races Part 2

When I am traveling and wandering with my camera in hand, I am constantly observing my surroundings. Something I have noticed is a reoccurring theme that I often find myself looking downward. I find it interesting to observe how style and fashion varies from place to place. These are some of the different styles I

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Every Dog Has It’s Day…

I shot this portrait of ‘Allie’ while taking a walk on Silver Strand beach, in Barna, Co. Galway, Ireland. I have always had a great love of dogs and often stop to pet dogs I meet along my way. They are so pure and unassuming… Allie’s owner was throwing a ball in the surf and the

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Ireland Beauty

Ireland’s frequent rain ensures the land is lush with foliage of all kinds. I stopped to take a closer look at a Nasturtium vine I saw crawling along a fence in County Galway. -So beautiful…

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Street Feet

Sometimes when we’re a new place we like to focus on a single detail. By blocking out all the rest of the sensory stimuli, we can absorb the new information at a more leisurely pace. While on assignment to Amsterdam, we took some moments to stand still, noticing the feet of passers by. These legs

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It’s a Mobile World

I’m in NYC this week meeting with the who’s-who of NYC advertising. It’s been an awesome experience meeting great Art Producers, Art & Creative Directors, as well as Reps and we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to my work. -Thank you NYC! Dashing between meetings I couldn’t help but notice how ubiquitous cell phones have

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Exploring Amsterdam

Work brought us to the capital of the Netherlands, and we happily explored the highly visual city during our free time. Familiarity breeds indifference and so one of the awesome things about traveling to somewhere new is seeing everything with fresh eyes. Away from the common day-to-day sights, our senses feel sharper. And armed with camera in hand,

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Colin McGuire Photographs Celebrates 15th Anniversary

(COLUMBUS, OH) – This year Colin McGuire Photographs, one of Columbus’ most well known and longest-standing commercial photography studios, marks 15 years in business. Founded and continuously run in Columbus, Ohio, Colin McGuire Photographs has worked for scores of local companies including OhioHealth, American Signature Interiors, Abbott Nutrition, Limited Brands, Bob Evans Restaurants, DSW and

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A New York Preview

We’re spending some time in the Big Apple shooting environmental portraits of designers, artists and entrepreneurs for Industry West on behalf of our client Fahlgren Mortine. Here are some snaps as we make our way around the city. More to follow…

Behind The Scenes

Time Lapse Video

When your favorite furniture catalog comes in the mail, have you ever pictured what goes on behind the scenes? Here’s a stop-motion view of a single set being created and then taken apart. Working hard, doing great work and having fun in the process – that’s how we do it!  

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Castlegrove – A Hidden Wonder

Ireland is known for its lush, green landscapes but some of its most priceless gems are reserved for only the most determined. On a recent trip home, a friend led us to a remote spot in the forests of Tuam where he then unveiled an epic spectacle – a magical castle estate, once a stately

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Italy – Faces of Verona

When we were in Italy recently for a friend’s wedding, we were struck by the beauty of the people of Verona. Made famous as the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” the northern Italian town is one of Italy’s top destinations. With camera in hand, we took delight in asking people to pose for us,

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Fechtor Advertising/Leo Alfred

It is always a pleasure to see our photos turned into ad campaigns (which is what much of our work is used for) – but this particular project put some extra sweet into the treat! We recently shot a series of environmental portraits of employees at Leo Alfred Jewelers for Fechtor Advertising. The creative vision